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Subtle Energy Technology (SET) is an advanced complimentary therapy using a method of analyzing and balancing at a distance, the subtle energetic fields of a person or object.

Subtle Energy Therapy uses a Vibra Scan 1100, an instrument that operates on principles based on Quantum Physics. These principles reveal that everything in our universe is made of energy that vibrates producing molecular frequencies that can be coded numerically as ‘rates’. Therefore everything has an energetic signature that is singular or unique to any given person or object.

The Vibra Scan 1100 is a subtle energetic response interface that is centered on a specimen placed in the main analysis well. A specimen may be a hair sample, saliva sample, photograph, voice print, water sample, house dust, or possibly other representative articles from the person or object being scanned.

This instrument operates independently of software and since the subject does not have to be connected to the instrument, affords the practitioner and client more flexibility and thus better time management.


Analyzing and Balancing

Our objective in using this instrument is to support and amplify the analyzing and balancing of subtle energy fields in concert with the unique faculties of the operator. We are not replacing or interfering with other forms of health care, but rather augmenting them. Furthermore, these are not medical procedures, but are quantum in nature.

An assessment is the process by which a practitioner finds all the factors that are involved in the manifestations of an illness of a person. Such factors could reside in the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, or the etheric body.

Often times factors that neither the patient nor the practitioner suspect might show up during an assessment as underlying causes of an illness. The goal of the practitioner is to isolate these factors, prioritize them and then embark on their correction , or properly referred to , as balancing.

This analysis is NOT like making a medical diagnosis, but may be of value in situations where conventional medicine has little to offer.

It can also be helpful in a wide range of other conditions present in plants, soil, animals, homes, buildings, water supply and agriculture, to name but a few.

It is also a useful supplement to other complimentary Subtle Energy Therapies including , but not exclusive to , Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Kinesiology and Reiki.

Using SET we can harmonize any type of imbalance through the energy fields, although medical emergencies and life-threatening illnesses or injuries should always be treated by qualified health professionals. This does not mean that SET would not also be helpful in these situations and does frequently bring surprising results that cannot be explained by orthodox methods.

One of the advantages of SET is that it is often possible to discover potentially serious health concerns at an early stage before it manifests into a full-blown issue. With appropriate balancing, the severity of these issues may be prevented.


One of the advantages of SET is that it is often possible to discover potentially serious health concerns at an early stage before it manifests into a full-blown issue. By appropriate balancing, these may be prevented.

Energetic Health Profile

The energy frequencies of a person or object are measured by their strength, intensity or general vitality.

Conditions and problem areas are also identified and measured by intensity and locations.

The Vibra Scan 1100 interprets and can resolve these conditions and problems.

When an analysis is finished, the practitioner then has a complete energetic health profile of the client, including the functional integrity of the organ systems and psychological states that are present in the energy structures which form the auric fields of the body. All pathological states and their causes have their own frequency energy patterns; these can be modulated at a distance by employing ‘rates’ or geometric patterns.

Essentially, balancing is the projection of healing energy patterns to which may be added the frequencies of homeopathic remedies, colors, flower essences, gem elixirs, nutritional supplements and herbal extracts if they are indicated as part of the therapy.


An important part of the process is the intention of the operator since all Subtle Energy procedures act as amplifiers of ‘intention’.

Just as important, is also the intention of the client. First, permission (which forms part of the ‘intention’) must be granted by the client before any work is started and secondly, a genuine desire for improvement. In many cases, this may require the client to make changes to their lifestyle


Let us begin by correcting one misconception here. SET practitioners do not treat any health condition. To treat, you must diagnose. And to diagnose means, giving a label that meets certain rigid parameters based on what can be measured or quantified in the physical laboratory.

SET practitioners work on the premise that all diseases and health disorders, irrespective of what names or labels are attached to them, precipitate to one common imbalances. The names or the diagnoses we give to them only reflect the locations and the effects of these energy imbalances in the overall body system. Energy must flow freely and thus, the objective is to find the energy disturbance at its source. If we can detect and correct these energy imbalances, wellness will be restored to the sufferer. This will happen no matter what names are given to the manifested clinical signs and symptoms initially. SET seeks to do just this...restore balance.... and it does this marvelously well.

SET can handle all manifestations of energy imbalances that externalize as named diseases. It can penetrate into levels and dimensions of reality yet inaccessible to conventional medicine. Almost all diseases and illnesses treatable by western conventional medicine could be helped by SET. It is not a cure-all kind of discipline though in many instances, Subtle Energy Therapy and conventional medicine can co-exist resulting in a greater benefit for the patient.


Effectiveness is independent of the distance between practitioner and subject. Distance therefore is not a limitation. The subject can be present with the practitioner or can be many miles apart. Quantum Physics has proven that distant molecular communication is not a theory, but a law.

SET practice is a disciplined skill. In trained hands, it can be used to help restore the health of people, animals, plants, soil, water, and duplicate frequencies, etc., wherever that need exists without depletion of material resources.

The scope of SET in theory is unlimited; in practice it is limited only by the sensitivity, knowledge and expertise of the practitioner.

User Friendly

The Vibra Scan 1100 instrument is user friendly, self-supportive and relatively easy to learn in only a few days. It is affordable and can be applied to virtually every type of challenge that you may encounter. Follow your passion.

Some practitioners use this instrument as an add-on to their current practice, some work with people, some work with animals, some work with water and soil, and so on…

The beauty is that this instrument it is non-invasive. It can be used to compliment other forms of therapy and its efficacy is such that it can form a complete system of healing in its own right.

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